Learning More About Your Options for Treating Painful Hammertoes

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Health


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After wearing high heels and standing on your feet for hours at a time each day, you may find yourself dealing with painful podiatric conditions. These conditions make your feet look unsightly and also lead to incredible pain that you must deal with every day.

Rather than live with common foot ailments, you can undergo prompt medical care for it. You can learn more about your options to treat hammertoes in Hyde Park by consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable podiatrist today.

Non-surgical Options

If the condition is not very extensive or painful, you might prefer to undergo treatment options that do not involve surgery. Undergoing surgery can take you out of proverbial commission for weeks and months at a time. You may not be able to continue to work, go to school or go out with friends like normal.

Instead, you might be more interested in non-surgical options like wearing corrective shoes or undergoing physical therapy for your feet. These options can restore the function and appearance of your feet and spare you the pain and inconvenience of going through surgery.

However, if your provider tells you that surgery is the best option to treat your feet, you can find out more about the procedure and prepare yourself for it. You can learn more about surgeries and other treatments for hammertoes in Hyde Park online. Reach out to Mitchell Foot & Ankle to set up a consultation by going to the website.

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