Learn More About 4 Types of Mental Health Treatment in St. Paul, Minnesota

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Mental Health


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Mental health facilities offer a variety of treatment options to meet the needs of anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or any other problems that are affecting their emotional well-being. Those seeking mental health treatment in St. Paul for the first time might not know their options. Below are some examples of the kinds of mental health therapy offered for patients of all ages.

Teen Therapy

The teen years are tumultuous and filled with many life-changing experiences that some teens have difficulty navigating. Teen treatment programs take a patient-centric approach and offer therapeutic options specifically geared towards teenagers. In addition to mental health treatment in St. Paul, many teen therapy programs also offer substance abuse counseling and treatment.

Children’s Therapy

Parents of younger children might reach out to therapists to help their children who have behavioral issues at home or school. Children’s therapists are trained to treat a wide range of mental health issues such as ADHD, autism, and more.

Family Therapy

Families struggling to communicate with each other often turn to family therapy as a way to sort out their feelings and learn to work as a family unit better. These types of family therapy sessions might be initiated because of a divorce or separation or because another member of the family is working through something and other family members want to show their support.

Substance Abuse Therapy

People abuse alcohol and drugs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because of a genetic disposition, other times it’s the result of an injury, or it’s a lifelong dependency on these substances to cope with anxiety and other stressors. Whatever the reasons, mental health treatment in St. Paul from facilities like Options Family & Behavior Services can help.

For more information, visit the website of Options Family & Behavior Services or contact them today.

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