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by | Sep 5, 2018 | Health


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Going through menopause doesn’t have to be the end of a healthy sex life. Yes, your body is losing estrogen and your vagina is losing blood flow, changing colors and doesn’t seem to produce the kind of lubrication that you need to perform healthy intercourse. There are procedures available from top gynecologists like Dr. Fay Weisberg. She offers safe procedures that help with menopause such as MonaLisa laser for Toronto residents. The procedure is approved by Health Canada and will renew and improve your life.

Get State-of-the-Art Women’s Health Care

There are treatments available for menopause like MonaLisa Touch. The procedure uses a laser in treating vaginal atrophy. It was developed in Italy and has been scientifically proven to change, thin, itchy and dry vaginal skin to thick, moisturized and lush skin. As the production of estrogen lessens, the bladder, vagina, urethra and vulva change since they are all reliant on estrogen. Well over 60% of women experiencing menopause deal with genitourinary atrophy that increases even after sleepless nights and hot flashes have been resolved. The laser used in MonaLisa Touch treatments emits tiny pulses of energy that restore blood flow to your vagina. This brings collagen cells forth that will thicken your tissue and provide relief from painful intercourse, dryness, vaginal discharge, bladder infections, incontinence and foul odors.

Have In-Office MonaLisa Touch Treatments Performed

Since MonaLisa Touch is performed in-office, there is no downtime or preparation. It is a painless procedure that only takes approximately five minutes. Within three visits that are six weeks apart, you will start to notice relief of many symptoms. There are no systemic effects either, and there is no need to use anesthesia. Find the relief you have always wanted from menopause with lasting and immediate benefits when you schedule MonaLisa Touch with Dr. Fay Weisberg today.

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