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How to Help Your Open Wound Heal Faster in Ponte Vedra Beach

While everyone wants an open wound to heal quickly, it becomes more important to speed up this process as people get older. Conditions like type 2 diabetes cause complications that can lead to serious infections if wounds aren’t properly treated. In addition to using a wound healing solution, these tips can help you support your body’s natural healing process.

Get Enough Rest

While sleep is always important, it’s much more important when you’re sick or injured. This is because the immune system works to heal muscle and tissue during deep sleep. If you’re not sleeping for a full seven to eight hours, you’re depriving your body of this much needed restorative power. This is why people who sleep fewer hours tend to get sick more frequently.

Exercise When You Can

Although you may not be able to move the injured part of your body, you should try to exercise whenever possible. In general, exercise will strengthen muscle and reduce internal inflammation. This can help improve your range of motion, improving blood flow to the injured part of your body.

Clean the Wound Regularly

You should clean the wound several times a day with warm water and a fresh cloth. Applying a wound healing solution can help you keep the wound moist enough to promote healing without attracting harmful bacteria to the site of the wound. Be sure to keep it wrapped in a fresh, clean bandage.

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