How to Choose Wheaton Hearing Aids

by | May 5, 2021 | Hearing Aids


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Hearing aids are specialized devices that help people with hearing. They are easy to recognize and comes in a variety of designs. Common characteristics of the device are a battery, receiver, electronics, and a microphone. Hearing specialists in Wheaton can help patients to find the right device for them, improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Hearing aids fit around or inside the ear and are specifically designed to amplify sound. There are various Wheaton Hearing Aid designs available on the market, but not all of them are medically classified as “hearing aids.” They can be analog or digital; these devices do not correct or replace hearing but enhance it.

The severity of hearing loss will be tested and considered when deciding on the type of device that would best fit the patient’s needs.

Communication needs and lifestyle is something else to consider. These factors determine what features and functions to get on the device. Personal preference also comes into play when choosing hearing aids in Wheaton. You have to be comfortable with going in public and wearing one at all times.

There are four common types of hearing aids in Wheaton:

1. Completely in Canal or CIC, which is the smallest and least visible

2. In the Canal or ITC, which are molded and fit partly in the canal

3. In the Ear or ITE, fits in the outer ear bowl similar to a modern wireless ear bud

4. Behind the Ear or BTE, this hooks over the top and rests behind the ear

It can be hard deciding on style when getting fitted for the first time. However, hearing specialists are on hand to help with making the best choice. They will test the ears to help with finding the best device to improve hearing.

It is beneficial to work with specialists in this field. They have experience with treating different types of customers. You will also want access to various devices instead of being limited to a couple of models. Wheaton Hearing Aid specialists are available to help with making the right decisions for your hearing.

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