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Advanced Hearing Aids in Knoxville, TN: How Has Technology Advanced?

The advancements in medical technology have led to some amazing results. Previously, a person who was born with limited hearing had no option but to spend the rest of their life with this impairment. However, with advanced hearing aids and further improvements in the field of audiology, people with limited hearing are able to hear all the sounds around them and able to get on with their life like normal individuals. Here are some of the different ways that technology has advanced in the field of hearing aids.


Previously, whenever a person wanted adjustments made to their hearing aids, they would have to go to a clinic that offered advanced hearing aids in Knoxville, TN. The audiologist would then adjust the hearing aid and put it back in place. This process was a bit inconvenient because every time the patient needed changes made, they would have to go to the audiologist. However, modern aids offered by Audiolife Hearing come with programming software that you can use to calibrate the hearing aid. Alternately, the audiologist can program it for you remotely. Many software programs come with a guided user interface so that patients can understand the changes they are making.

Easy Fittings

Previously, advanced hearing aids had to be fitted in the ear using complicated fitting procedures. However, modern hearing aids do not require any such complicated fitting procedures. Previously, older aids were fitted with a silicon mold, but that is no longer a requirement. Numerous fit-in models have been introduced that can be installed quite easily in the ear. Users can make adjustments to the fittings by themselves. On top of this, the overall technology has also improved, thus allowing for more clarity in audio amplification.

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