How To Choose A Good Veterinarian For Your Pet

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Health Care


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One of the most important decisions that you will make as a pet owner is choosing where to take your pet for regular check-ups and medical care. Your pet is like a family member to you therefore you want to know they are in great hands when being seen by a vet. You want a vet with years of experience that is kind and patient with animals and can provide proper treatment with good results. A veterinary hospital in Norridge is the place to go, but you want a reliable clinic that has an experienced and caring staff of veterinarians. They are committed to quality pet care and want to become your favorite source when your pet needs cared for.

What you can expect from a Quality Veterinary Hospital

When looking for a vet clinic you should be able to count on the vet and their staff to provide great care and exceptional service. You want the facility to be efficient and clean along with the waiting area to be comfortable while your pet is being seen by a vet. When scheduling an appointment for your pet their staff will find a time that is suitable for you. One of the staff will inform you that when you bring your pet in to also bring any medical history documents you have on your pet. This is important for a vet and their staff to know.

Services Provided by an Experienced Vet Clinic Include the Following:

Emergency Services
Laboratory Services
Senior Pet Programs
Laser Surgery
Parasite Prevention
Anesthesia-free Dental Care
Regular Health Examinations
Teeth Cleaning and Extractions

A Veterinary Clinic that has experienced and Compassionate Staff

While you are visiting the clinic a vet will check your pet, and if they require any medication a vet will explain to you the best way to give it to them. A vet will also educate you on what the problem is that your pet is having at the time and will even suggest ways you can help. A staff member will let you know of the programs they have to offer animals such as the puppy and kitty wellness. They also will inform you that between the months of January and February they offer dental discounts. Being able to trust your vet and know they are compassionate about their work, all animals and the people that come to them for assistance with their pets, will prove to you that you made the right decision.

Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is a veterinary hospital in Norridge that provides excellent care for animals. Contact them today via their website for more information.

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