Are You Concerned About Your Kids’ Behavior In St Paul Minnesota?

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Health Care


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There is an often quoted statement from many parents that goes along the lines of “what’s the matter with kids today?” Usually, this is nothing more than the generation gap causing differences of opinion between kids and their families. In this respect, it has obviously been the case since the dawn of time but, let’s face it, today’s society can be more dangerous to the children than that of yester year. Things like substance abuse (both drugs and alcohol) have become more prolific and we also have a better understanding of mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, bi-polar disease, emotional disturbances, etc, etc. All of these can be dealt with but, usually, somebody needs to instigate treatment (intervention). In the case of our kids, it usually falls to the parents to both recognize the problem and start the process that can lead to healing and normalcy. In very extreme circumstances, the law and social services might take over that parental responsibility.

For “Kids”, Read Adolescents In Age Range 12-19 Years

The problems besetting these kids are not restricted to those living in St Paul. In fact, they are widespread across our nation but let’s look at Childrens Therapy in St Paul as a typical example. Once somebody (parent, teacher or friend) has recognized that there might be a problem, it is important that the child involved wants to cooperate in the process of identifying the causes and seeking out solutions. Treatment can be forced upon a child but successful treatment is more likely to be achieved when that child becomes involved in the process. This holds true whether the problem is substance abuse (drugs or alcohol), one of the many forms of both minor and major mental illness or, a combination of both. The patient and the therapist should be working together in concert not fighting each other in opposition.

Both Individual And Family Remedies

Some childhood problems can be associated with inherited genetic make up acquired at birth but many of the more common problems amongst adolescents can be traced to something in the situation under which they grew up. Individual therapy can help the adolescent overcome problems but additional family counseling can help a more thorough rehabilitation with reduced chances for a relapse.

Options Family & Behavior Services Inc can provide Childrens Therapy in St Paul through adolescent day treatment with both individual and family therapy.

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