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by | Jul 8, 2020 | Medical Supply Store


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The role of diagnostic ultrasound in musculoskeletal disease assessment is enhanced by the technology’s portability, low cost, and safety. Ultrasound skills coupled with anatomical knowledge enhances the clinical diagnosis, making it more precise reducing uncertainty in the choice of therapy.

Ultrasonography Technology

Diagnostic ultrasound musculoskeletal technology is the most practical and rapid image-producing method of the musculoskeletal system. Its intrinsic advantages include being noninvasive with a quick scan time and without the use of radiation, which makes it most acceptable to patients.

Add that it is a relatively inexpensive technology offering both portability and real-time significant examinations of multiple joints during the same session and you have a true one-stop solution to many musculoskeletal problems.

Choosing an Ultrasound Machine

There are several types of ultrasound machines available for your medical practice. They include:

• Portable Ultrasound Machines.

• 3D Ultrasound machines.

• 4D Ultrasound Machines.

Portable ultrasound machines offer the advantage of being smaller and more compact. These machines are perfect for smaller offices and tight budgets.

3D ultrasound machines are especially useful for showing expectant mothers their child’s features from different angles. These machines also help in the diagnosis of heart, lung, kidney, or liver conditions that may exist.

4D ultrasound machines provide the added features of real color and real-time imaging. This is one of the most high-tech diagnostic ultrasound musculoskeletal machines available.

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