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Help Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

Seeing your dog uncomfortable and hurting can be as heartbreaking as if they were your human child. Paw pad irritation and pain is often a simple fix, but you want to have a backup for situations that might turn serious. If you are wondering “Should I worry about salt on my dog s paw pads?” vets near Chicago offer some of the best care for your family member of the canine variety.

Should I Worry About Salt On My Dog s Paw Pads?

Salt on your dog’s paw pads can exacerbate the delicate thin tissue covering the pad that is already subject to dryness. Vets near Chicago are familiar with this paw pad condition and can help get your pet back to normal.

If you take your dog out for walks, especially in the wintertime in Chicago, you will likely run into streets that have been salted. When your pet licks their paws, they will pick up salt residue that could also contain chemicals used in the salting process. This could add other medical reactions in addition to the already dry paw pads.

How to Protect Against Salty Paw Pads

Before you poo poo shoes for your dog, know that those pet foot coverings are not only a fashion statement. They can offer protection from hot pavement, rocky or sharp groundcover, and reduce the amount of salt that can get on the paws.

Various soothing balms are available that you can apply to your pet’s paw pads to soften the dry, cracked skin. This can be bandaged lightly, but many dogs gnaw dressings off. There are some balms that won’t harm your dog if they are licked off.

Reach out to Urban PetRx for issues that disrupt your pet’s health and happiness. We will treat your pet like they are part of our own family.

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