Frequently Asked Questions Patients Ask Gynecologists In Norman, OK

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Health


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In Oklahoma, women have access to comprehensive reproductive services through local gynecologists. These services include cancer screenings and prenatal care. The services also include access to contraceptives and pregnancy termination. The following are frequently asked questions patients should ask gynecologists in Norman OK.

What Prenatal Services are Provided by a Gynecologist?

They begin by confirming the pregnancy. They complete a physical examination and ultrasound to identify the due date. They also present the expectant mother with prenatal vitamins. They also take steps to identify any potential risks during the pregnancy.

Over time, they will complete tests for gestational diabetes. They monitor the patient’s weight and blood pressure. They evaluate symptoms that could lead to toxemia and preeclampsia. These conditions create a high risk for the mother and the fetus. The gynecologist evaluates further possibilities to ensure that the expectant mother carries the child to term.

Does the Gynecologist Provide Abortion Services?

Yes, abortions are legal in Oklahoma. Gynecologists provide counseling for women who are considering an abortion. They provide full disclosure about the procedure, its risks, and how it is performed. The gynecologist doesn’t judge women and teens who need to undergo the procedure. However, any patient under the age of eighteen needs their parents’ authorization to undergo the procedure. The doctor may also offer counseling services for women after the procedure.

Can the Gynecologist Refer Patients to a Midwife for Home Deliveries?

Yes, select gynecologists may provide midwife services for expectant mothers. These women retain the right to give birth in the privacy of their own home. However, they cannot possess any high risks associated with the pregnancy. If the pregnancy is high-risk, the gynecologist may make other suggestions. They also make arrangements for pain management. This includes the administration of epidurals to control pain throughout labor.

In Oklahoma, women gain access to comprehensive reproductive services through local providers. These gynecologists accept most major medical insurance coverage and offer necessary surgical procedures. They also provide tests to identify underlying conditions that affect reproduction and menstruation. Women who need help from Gynecologists in Norman OK schedule an appointment or get more information here today.

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