Florida Morphine Detox at Home

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Addiction Treatment


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Morphine and heroin are close cousins, they both have an origin in the Asian copy, also called Papaver Somniferum. However, heroin is a street drug, whereas morphine is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies all over the world. It is available as a pill, a suppository, or as an injectable. Another difference is that morphine is a DEA Schedule 2 drug, meaning while morphine is acceptable to use in medical treatment, its use is highly regulated and restricted. Like heroin, morphine is highly addictive and has great potential for misuse, including addiction. Very often, people who become addicted to morphine do so accidentally in the aftermath of surgery or other medical treatment.

Getting Help – At Home

When most people think of doing detox and rehab, they have an image of an inpatient facility. This can often deter people from seeking treatment since they don’t want to miss out on family obligations, lose their jobs, or be away from home for too long. What most people don’t know is that morphine detox is available as an outpatient procedure, wherein the patient is weaned from morphine on to Suboxone. This treatment is done under medical supervision right in your Florida home. You have the support of your loving family while you undergo this outpatient procedure under medical supervision.

Morphine and Opioid Addiction

With the spotlight on opiate and opioid abuse, many doctors are limiting the number of doses their patients may access, or even cutting off access to pharmaceutical opiates and opioids entirely. States are enacting their own laws for lack of federal guidance, and doctors operating under state medical boards must obey the law. This has driven people in increasing numbers to try street drugs to satisfy their cravings or treat their pain. If you are addicted to morphine and are seeking morphine detox, then speak with a doctor who specializes in outpatient treatment and find your way forward for morphine addiction.

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