Five Warning Signs You Need to Visit a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in New Haven

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Psychologist


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an approach to therapy that focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns. CBT can be incredibly helpful for those who need help dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, addiction issues, and more.

There are many CBT therapists in the New Haven area, and if you’re experiencing any of the following five warning signs, it might be time for you to visit one.

1. Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed Out

If your stress levels are so high that they’re causing physical symptoms such as headaches or insomnia, or if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by life’s daily tasks and responsibilities, then it might be time to seek professional help.

A cognitive behavioral therapist in New Haven can help you identify strategies for managing your stress levels so that you can feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

2. Difficulty Managing Emotions

If you find yourself unable to control your emotional reactions, such as anger outbursts or feelings of sadness or hopelessness, then it’s a sign that something deeper may be going on beneath the surface.

A cognitive behavioral therapist at the Center for NeuroPotential can help you understand why these emotions are arising and develop strategies for managing them more effectively.

3. Struggling With Relationships

Sometimes our relationships can become strained due to unresolved issues from past or present-day problems. If you’re having difficulty connecting with others on a meaningful level, then it might be time for professional intervention.

A therapist can help you work through any underlying issues that are preventing you from forming healthy relationships with others.

4. Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is often caused by negative thoughts about oneself that become ingrained over time. If these thoughts are making it difficult for you to live a full and meaningful life, then a cognitive behavioral therapist in New Haven can help you identify where these thoughts come from and how to replace them with healthier beliefs about yourself.

5. Feeling Unmotivated or Disengaged From Life

If everyday tasks seem overwhelming and insurmountable, or if your day-to-day activities no longer bring joy or satisfaction into your life, then it may be time to visit a cognitive behavioral therapist in New Haven to get some guidance on how best to move forward in life with purpose and intentionality once again.

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