Eye Doctors in Colorado Springs, CO help people see better and have healthy eyes

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Health


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Being able to see clearly is a matter of safety. That’s why people have to pass a rudimentary eye test to get a driver’s license. People who take public transportation have to be able to see where they’re going, and people working in the office need to be able to see and type on their computers. Electricians, plumbers and carpenters all have to use their eyes in a myriad of technical ways. That’s why you should go to Eye Doctors in Colorado Springs, CO for routine examinations. Eyesight can deteriorate so gradually that a person might not realize they need a pair of glasses or update their current prescription.

Some patients prefer a pair of glasses while others are comfortable with soft contact lenses. The eye doctor can help a patient determine which works better for them. For contact lenses, there are many different kinds. Some are worn once and then thrown out while others have extended wear use, even when the person is sleeping. Contact lenses are much more comfortable and many people with sensitive eyes are now able to wear them.

In addition to assessing a patient’s ability to see, Eye Doctors in Colorado Springs, CO also assess the eye health of a patient. This becomes much more important as the patient ages. The doctor can identify glaucoma in its earliest stages, allowing the patient to take medicine to slow its progression. It’s also important for a person to know if they are at risk for developing macular degeneration, and while there is no effective treatment, there is evidence that proper diet and vitamins can slow it down. The earlier a patient improves their nutrition, the better.

Eye Doctors in Colorado Springs, CO might be the first medical professional that suspects a patient has high blood pressure or diabetes. There is even an eye protein that has been known to indicate that a person might have colon cancer. Remember, it’s important for a person’s overall diagnostic health that they make an eye doctor part of their medical team and visit on a regular basis. Their updated health records help them understand any subtle changes to their eye health. The patient also becomes much more comfortable and can participate more fully in the examination and eye health discussion.

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