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Diagnosing Hearing Loss and The Newest Hearing Instrument In Norwich CT

Hearing loss can impact a person’s daily life in various ways, and many people are reluctant to admit they have a hearing problem. The hearing aids available today are smaller and less obvious than older models, and individuals also have a choice when selecting the type of hearing aid they want to wear. To learn more about diagnosing hearing loss and the advanced Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT that’s available today, read the questions and answers below.

What is the process for examining individuals to determine if they have hearing loss?

When an individual visits an audiology center, a trained hearing specialist will administer various tests to check the individual’s hearing. The specialist will begin the consultation by asking various questions about the individual’s lifestyle. These may include the individual’s work history and their exposure to loud sounds while on the job. The specialist may also want to know about the types of activities the individual performs on a daily basis. The specialist will then determine the extent of the hearing loss by performing a test using an audiometer while the individual listens to sounds through headphones. Other tests may include speed audiometry and a bone conduction test to determine if the individual has any inner ear issues.

What options are available for individuals who have hearing loss?

There are various models of hearing aids available today and, after individuals complete a hearing test, the specialist will be able to suggest the types of hearing aids best suited for each person. Hearing aids are also available in various price ranges, so individuals on a budget will also be able to improve their hearing by purchasing an affordable hearing aid. Many people choose to take advantage of the newest hearing aid technology by choosing the super powerful Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT. This hearing device is the smallest hearing aid that’s available, and individuals can easily control the settings after downloading an app on their smartphone.

Individuals who are experiencing any amount of hearing loss can contact County Hearing and Balance for a free consultation. Book appointment by visiting their website and learn about the various types of hearing aids and advanced hearing instruments that are available.

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