5 Signs That a Patient Needs Hearing Solutions in Lancaster PA

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Health


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Many believe that hearing loss only afflicts the elderly, but the truth is that only about 35% of patients are over the age of 64. Most hearing loss is gradual, which means that it can be hard to notice. However, if a patient notices any of these signs, they should look for hearing solutions in Lancaster, PA.

Buzzing or Ringing in the Ears

An intermittent buzzing or ringing in the ears is an early indicator of hearing loss. When the noise becomes more frequent and noticeable, it typically means that there’s damage to the nerves in the ear. Those who wear headphones often are more likely to have this sign of hearing loss, and over-the-ear noise canceling headphones may mitigate some of the damage.

A Decline in Balance

If a patient notices that they’re stumbling and tripping more frequently, it may not be simple clumsiness. When a person has trouble hearing, they use so much brain power to hear that other things; such as balance- get less attention. The inner ears send signals to the brain that aid in balance, and inner ear damage can make anyone less steady on their feet.

Increased Forgetfulness

Much of a person’s memory is based on what they hear, and it can be hard to retain information when it isn’t heard properly. As a person ages, hearing loss can be an indicator of general mental decline. When hearing is poor, the brain devotes extra energy to sound processing, at the expense of cognition, memory and thinking.

Loud Noises Cause Pain

A rumbling train or a loud car horn can be annoying, but it shouldn’t cause pain. When a person loses his/her hearing, the ears lose the capability to mitigate loud noises, and it may cause a dull, throbbing ache.

Constantly Asking Others to Repeat Themselves

If patients have difficulty hearing in areas with high background noise, they shouldn’t blame it on poor acoustics or incessant chatter. Functional ears can discern what they want to hear in noisy conditions, and a person who has trouble in this area should look for Hearing Solutions in Lancaster PA because they may have upper-range hearing loss. Visit  to schedule an appointment today.

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