Details About Treating A Facial Vessel In Maui

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Skin Care


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In Hawaii, broken blood vessels in the face can create serious aesthetic hindrances. The vessels can also give the same appearance as varicose veins in the legs. Patients with the condition may need to make lifestyle changes to prevent future developments. A local clinician performs treatments for a Facial Vessel in Maui now.

What are the Causes of Broken Facial Vessels?

Patients could develop broken facial capillaries due to heredity. Any parent that experienced this issue could pass the genes that cause it to their offspring. Rosacea is another inherited condition that causes broken vessels in the face.

Extreme weather is another cause. Any exposure to extreme temperatures can affect the way blood travels through the body. Excessive heat or cold can reduce circulation and cause the vessels in the face to rupture.

The exposure to ultraviolet sunrays is another prominent cause of broken blood vessels in the face. The sun rays damage the skin and can lead to damage in the vessels. The result of the damage is the permanent dilation of the blood vessel. The condition affects the chin, nose, and cheeks primarily.

Alcoholism is another chief cause of broken blood vessels in the face. In fact, alcoholics are among the highest demographic to develop the most severe form of the condition. Consumption of alcohol causes irregularities in how the brain controls the vascular system. These patients could end up with permanent redness due to the condition.

Reviewing Treatment Options for Broken Blood Vessels

The clinician can provide laser therapy to make the blood vessels less visible underneath the skin. The procedure is similar to the treatment of varicose veins. Heat is introduced into the face to cause the vessel to collapse and seal off. Blood is redirected to other vessels that aren’t broken and the redness disappears.

In Hawaii, women and men could develop broken blood vessels in the face for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons are rosacea, excessive use of alcohol, extreme temperatures, and sun damage. Clinicians provide effective laser treatments to eliminate the broke vessels quickly. Patients who need treatment for a Facial Vessel in Maui can visit right now.

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