Common Sense Home Remedies for the Common Causes of Knee Pain

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Pain Management Physician


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Knee pain has many different causes, such as an overuse injury, an acute injury or something such as arthritis. Knee injuries can include pain, stiffness, and swelling, and effective treatment will depend on the cause.

Among the most common knee injuries are sprained ligaments, tendinitis, meniscus tears, and runner’s knee. Unfortunately, if you have an old knee injury that didn’t receive proper treatment, that pain can flare up from time to time.

There are a few things you can do to alleviate knee pain in Jacksonville, or anywhere for that matter.

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is the go-to home remedy for knee pain caused by a minor injury or a flare-up of arthritis. Rest your knee, use ice to reduce swelling, wear a compression bandage, and elevate your knee by propping it up with a pillow.

Wear the right shoes; high heels and flip-flops can make your knee pain in Jacksonville worse. Good walking shoes with cushioned, molded insoles will reduce stress on your knees.

Being overweight can put stress on your knees, worsening any underlying conditions. If you are even just a little bit overweight, it can make your knee pain even worse.

If you have unexplained pain, swelling or weakness around your knees, you may need to see a specialist. A doctor who specializes in pain has the diagnostic expertise and equipment to pinpoint what is causing your symptoms. While home remedies can go a long way in treating minor injuries, a more serious, underlying condition will need medical treatment.

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