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Clinics Offer Sports Injury Management In Orange County CA

Sports injuries to the spine or joints can be especially painful and difficult to treat effectively. It is important to start treatment with a thorough exam to determine the source of the pain. Once the exam is completed, a treatment plan can be designed and pain management can begin. A treatment plan can lead to reduced pain and a better quality of life.

Starting Treatment

When a patient starts treatment at a pain clinic, they should bring the pain specialists all existing medical records and doctor’s notes including X-rays and MRIs. The clinic can help its patients work with their primary physician or other medical specialists to obtain these records. When all the information is obtained and a thorough exam is completed, the treatment can begin. Each patient has a unique set of symptoms and injuries to be treated and each patient will receive treatment designed especially for them. Sports Injury Management in Orange County CA is offered by clinics such as Aspire Pain Medical Center.

The right pain clinic will work to heal the root cause of the pain and give the patient tools to manage the pain. In addition to Sports Injury Management in Orange County CA, pain management clinics will treat patients with chronic pain caused by disease, car or other accidents, and military service. Workplace injuries can be effectively treated. Not all injuries can be completely healed but effective treatment plans can improve each patient’s condition and reduce everyday pain.

Conditions To Be Treated

Pain management clinics in California treat conditions that cause chronic pain including sciatica, spinal injuries, degenerative disc conditions, opioid dependency, shingles, chronic headaches or neck pain, degenerative joint pain, pain in the spine, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle or, elbow, and sports specific injuries. After a traumatic event and surgery, patients may be referred to a pain management clinic for further healing treatment.

Treatment Options

There are surgical and non-surgical treatments to eliminate pain. Several kinds of medical specialists are available to form pain treatment programs. There are special injections such as an epidural steroid, sciatic joint, and trigger point injections. There are several types of blocks and medications to control pain. There are lifestyle and diet changes to be learned. Medical professionals provide the best treatments for each type of pain. For additional information, visit the website. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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