Choosing a Feminizing Surgery Clinic for Transwomen in Plano, TX

by | May 22, 2020 | Transgender Surgery


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Facial Feminization Surgery as Part of Gender Transformation.
When individuals assigned the male gender transition into women often the facial features are the final aspect of feeling truly feminine. However, this aspect of the transition process could be key to the long term mental well-being of the transgender person.

Changing a Masculine Face to a Feminine Face

Some of the key aspects of what makes a face more traditionally female than male in appearance could include the following:

• A less pronounced brow

• Little to no Adam’s apple

• Rounder, higher cheeks

• Reduced angular features overall

Skilled and experienced surgeons in the field of face feminization surgery understand that every face is unique and can require an artistic, as well as, a technical approach to achieve a beautiful appearance.

Procedures to Consider

While every face is different, some surgical procedures are more common than others when feminizing facial features. A few of the more frequently performed procedures include:

• Brow lifting and recontouring

• Scalp advancement

• Tracheal shaving

• Rhinoplasty

Women’s foreheads tend to be flatter than those of men. A brow lift and forehead reshaping could create a distinct difference between a more female appearance versus one that is more male.

Men and women often have different hairlines. Bringing a hairline forward into a U-shape is a subtle change that lends a more feminine appearance.

Tracheal shaving helps to reduce the prominence of an “Adam’s apple” which could provide a more traditional female look. Reshaping a nose through rhinoplasty could also help soften the overall look of a transitioned woman.

Deciding on Facial Feminization Surgery

The skilled staff at The International Center for Transgender Care is available to set up consultation appointments to help address your unique treatment requirements.

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