All-Around Approaches for Arthritis Care

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Rheumatologist


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Arthritis is unfortunately common in the United States. A painful and progressive disease, arthritis affects one in five Americans over the age of eighteen. That makes it one of the most common health concerns in the nation! Arthritis doctors and specialists are in steady demand.

With so many patients suffering from this condition, the best approach to treatment is a question commonly raised. The truth is that what works for one patient may not work for others, so a well-rounded treatment plan is imperative to decreasing pain and increasing quality of life.

How is Arthritis Traditionally Treated?

Since arthritis is a condition of pain, swelling, stiffness, and a loss of mobility, many patients turn to pain relievers, hot and cold therapies and other easily accessible remedies. However, when the pain and debilitation is too great, most will consult the services of a healthcare professional. Unfortunately, many wait too long to resort to professional help, and allow permanent damage to their bodies to take place before it can be prevented.

Some approaches to arthritis care may include:

  • Prescription medication to reduce inflammation and pain and increase mobility.
  • Physical therapy to address stiffness and movement issues.
  • Hot and cold therapies, aqua therapy and other alternative methods to pain management.

These can all be somewhat effective, but the best results are typically gleaned from combining these tactics.

Bringing It All Together

No matter what level of discomfort and immobility a patient faces, a combination of different therapies is always the best way to approach treatment. Whether it is a mixture of different medications and dosages or combining internal and external treatments, the best approach to care is always the most comprehensive. Today’s medical teams know that working together to improve every possible facet of a patient’s life is the best way to get them to stick to a treatment plan and continue to be proactive in their own self-care, as well.

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