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Achieving Better Eyesight With Surgery From A Jacksonville Doctor

If you’ve been wearing glasses or contacts to help correct your vision, then you know that it can take some time to get adjusted to them. An option that you have is Lasik surgery Jacksonville in doctors can perform. This is a surgery that can give you the vision that you desire that is considered almost perfect by the standards set forth by ophthalmologists. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re considering the surgery.


You’ll undergo an evaluation by your doctor so that your vision can be recorded and to make sure the surgery would be successful. While in the office, you’ll discuss the procedure and what you can expect. After wearing contacts for any length of time, your doctor might discover that the lenses of your eyes have changed. Lasik surgery Jacksonville doctors perform can give the natural structure back to the lenses.

Before Surgery

During the days before your surgery, you’ll need to stop using creams on your face, especially around your eyes. You’ll also need to make sure to use any eye drops that your doctor prescribes. You’re going to need to arrange for someone to take you home after surgery and stay with you for at least a few hours to make sure you can adjust to your surroundings.

Surgical Process

Most of the time, Lasik surgery only takes about 30 minutes to complete. A large machine with a laser is used to perform the surgery while you sit in a reclining chair. You usually won’t be put to sleep, but your doctor might give you medications to sedate you for comfort. After numbing your eyes with drops, your doctor will use a device to hold your eyelids open so that the laser can be used to correct the lens and cornea of each eye.

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