Do’s and Don’ts Before MRI Services in Delray Beach, FL

by | May 6, 2024 | Medical And Health


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Many people have little to no experience in receiving MRIs. It’s not a common procedure, but it is entirely safe and the most common method of imaging the inside of the body. Often, MRIs are done outside the hospital at centers specializing in MRI services in Delray Beach, FL. Let’s look at the dos and don’ts of MRI imaging so you can confidently head into your appointment.


  • Take all of your medications and eat and drink as normal. The only exception is if you’re getting your gallbladder imaged, you won’t want to eat or drink before your appointment.
  • Please inform the MRI technician if you have kidney disease, are on dialysis, or are allergic to gadolinium.
  • Remove all metal objects, such as piercings, hearing aids, or hair clips, and let your technician know if you have any metal in your body, including metal plates, a pacemaker, or staples. MRIs use strong magnets, so this step is vitally important.
  • Discuss with the technician if you fear enclosed spaces (claustrophobia). They want to make sure you remain calm and will help you through the procedure.


  • Wear personal care products. Lotion, deodorant, and powders may interfere with your imaging, so it’s best to go to MRI services in Delray Beach, FL, without using them.
  • Keep your bank cards or credit cards in your pocket. Cards often have magnetic strips on the back that will be rendered useless if they go through the MRI machine, so keep your cards and cellphone with your other personal effects.

Check out the C&L Imaging website for more information on MRI services in Delray Beach, Florida.

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