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A Look at a Fertilization Method Available to People Around San Francisco

For people that suffer from fertility issues, there are many treatments available. Invitro fertilization in San Francisco, CA, is one process, and specialists have utilized it for years. Over time, the techniques have improved.


The first step involves inducing ovulation. Typically, a woman’s body releases a single egg every month, but the physician will need several eggs for this procedure. The doctor will prescribe medication that will make the body produce more eggs. In this case, the more eggs the clinic has, the better.


Once the body produces the eggs, they are retrieved, and for this part, the patient gets sedated. The experts mix semen with this precious product. The woman preps the uterus to receive the fertilized egg with a new medication, and for this implant, people can select the finest embryos.

The Implant

Invitro fertilization in San Francisco, CA, is completed at the office. The womb will be monitored closely at this point as well as throughout the entire pregnancy. People can place the remaining embryos in cryopreservation to safely store them for future implants.


Couples with some male fertility issues are often a candidate for this process. Some families who have genetic problems also choose this method so that they can identify at-risk embryos. Women that have already been through multiple miscarriages or damaged fallopian tubes may benefit also. Another common reason people seek out this treatment is that they are having a difficult time conceiving. For more information on invitro fertilization in San Francisco, CA, contact Laurel Fertility Care- San Francisco at

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