Women-Only Residential Rehab Centers Provide a Safe, Supportive Environment

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Mental Health


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You’ve realized that you need help to begin recovery from chemical dependency. As a woman who has experienced some kind of trauma connected with men, you’d just as soon find a rehab center that’s for women only. Many women benefit from this type of environment at residential facilities in Burnsville.

The Mission of Women-Only Treatment Centers

Recovery centers that focus on women provide a temporary living environment where clients feel safe and comfortable. This is a time when you need to fully concentrate on your health and well-being. It will be easier if you don’t have to deal with negative emotions regarding men staying in the same inpatient residence. The setting allows you to trust your peers and to be fully honest about what’s going on with you.

A Combination Recovery Process

You may have begun relying on alcohol or other drugs because of one traumatic episode or a situation that was ongoing. Some patients who prefer a female-only treatment center have endured sexual assault, domestic violence, routine threats and intimidation, or continuous verbal abuse during an intimate relationship. Your counselors at the rehab center will help you begin your path to recovery from addiction and also help you start to heal from any trauma you’ve experienced associated with men.

Other Residents

You and your fellow residents have the chance to focus on issues that often are pertinent for women. Examples include being a single parent, managing financial problems and coping with self-image and body insecurities. Emotional support from peers during this stage of recovery can be immensely helpful.

Getting Started

Contact residential facilities in Burnsville that have recovery facilities for women only. Learn about the features these centers offer and view the photos on their websites. A superb possibility is River Ridge, featured at RiverRidgeMN.com. Once you start your residency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re in a safe and fully supportive environment.

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