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Why Your Senior Parent Should Consider Assisted Living in Richmond

Eventually, there will come a time at which your senior parent will require elderly care in Richmond, VA. You’ll want to have a plan in place before that time comes to ensure there’s a smooth transition. While there are many options available, relocating your senior loved one to an assisted living facility may be the best choice for them and for your family.

Keep Professional Help Close at Hand

The greatest advantage of moving your senior parent into an assisted living facility is that they will never be far from professional help. If they injure themselves or experience an illness, staff will be on hand to promptly treat them. This will also be helpful in ensuring they’re found right away if they need assistance. When they live alone in their own home, they may not get this type of fast response.

Alleviate the Family Burden

While you may want to do as much for your parent as they have done for you, it may not be possible for you to give them as much care as they need. You have your own obligations to meet in addition to caring for your parent. When they live in an assisted living facility, your parent will get the care they need, and you can visit when you have the free time to spend with them.

Protect Your Parent’s Mental Health

Elderly care in Richmond, VA, includes making sure senior residents are engaged in activities and therapies that protect their mental health. This involves keeping them engaged in social activities with the other residents, and planning games that keep their cognitive functioning strong. This type of care will help reduce the risks of your parent developing dementia, depression, and other mental health conditions.

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