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Why Your Jacksonville, FL, Eye Doctor Says You Should Test Your Eyes Annually

Living in Jacksonville, you want to be able to see everything around you, including watching the Jaguars play. You can’t do that if your eyes are not 100%. That is the first reason many eye doctors say you have to have an annual vision test in Jacksonville, FL. Here are some other reasons an eye doctor might give for an annual vision test in Jacksonville, FL, (or wherever else you happen to live).

Prevent Major Health Issues

Your eyes are the window into your soul, they say. While that may be a saying, what is actually true is that your retinas can tell a lot about your health. They can show major illnesses in the body you did not or may not know you had. Diabetes and hypertension are two examples that manifest in your eyes. Annual eye exams catch these health concerns before the health concerns can take your vision.

Prevent Major Eye Disease

Glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment are all thieves of sight. Your annual eye exam detects the early warning signs of these diseases and issues. The eye doctor can help turn these problems around and/or refer you to an ophthalmologist to correct them.

Eyesight Begins Changing Dramatically After Age 40

For some adults, they may notice changes in vision in their thirties. However, major vision changes that will continue over the rest of the second half of your adult life start at forty. You may need reading glasses and/or changes in your prescription lenses. To make sure you can see well, contact Florida Eye Specialists to make an appointment today.

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