Why Weight Loss in West Chester, PA Often Begins With Balancing Hormones

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Health


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Many women in Chester are enjoying dramatic weight loss and giving credit to balanced hormones. Like those in many other areas of the country, they are shedding pounds with the help of experts at a BeBalanced Center. Rather than relying on traditional methods built around calorie counting, this approach to Weight Loss in West Chester PA revolves around correcting hormone-related issues.

How Hormones Affect Weight

Women’s hormones are strongly affected by stress, which increases cortisol production in the body. The extra demand for cortisol is taken from progesterone stores. That creates a progesterone-estrogen imbalance and leads to a wide range of problems. Without enough progesterone, dominant estrogen can cause migraines, high blood pressure, weight gain, fluid retention, and mood swings. That is because progesterone is a mood-enhancing fat burner that also acts as a diuretic. Unless the imbalance is corrected, weight loss is extremely hard.

A Simple Approach That Works Wonders

Clients who choose a hormone-balancing program for Weight Loss in West Chester PA, begin with a 30-day program. Its details are outlined online at sites like bebalancedcenters.com. When visitors browse the website, they learn that they can succeed with a diet that allows them to eat specific low-calorie foods that can be found at a local grocery store. No prepackaged meals are needed. The eating plan is designed to reset the part of the brain that controls weight and hunger, reduce cortisol output, and detox the liver. It also aids digestion, balances hormones, and rebuilds healthy stomach bacteria. Clients also take a supplement that helps release stored body fat.

Hormone Balancing Encourages Well-Being

Women who have used a weight loss program based on balancing hormones report an average loss of 1/2 to 1 pound per day. The result is increased self-esteem as well as measurable physical and emotional improvements. Better digestion makes women more comfortable food cravings are eliminated, and they sleep better. Dieters report increased energy, the end of night sweats, and better moods.

A diet that begins by balancing women’s hormones is succeeding where others fail. It uses a combination of supplements and diet to reduce the cortisol that causes problems like weight gain and mood swings. In addition to improving users’ physical health, the program increases their sense of well-being. Visit the website for more information.

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