Why Therapy Including Trauma Informed-Based Treatment Can Spark Healing

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Mental Health


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The number of individuals who are suffering from one or more mental health and emotional disorders continues to rise. With the ongoing opioid epidemic in this country, more addiction recovery programs are opening in just about every area you can imagine. Professional drug and alcohol addiction recovery experts are urging therapists and program leaders to include trauma-informed training to spark true healing in a large number of recovering addicts.

Where to Find Reputable Trauma-Informed Addiction Recovery Programs?

The needs of those individuals who have deep-rooted traumas from past abuse experiences and other reasons have not been lost on the professional mental health community. More counseling centers and drug/alcohol addiction recovery programs now include this type of specialized trauma-informed therapy elements into their already personalized care plans. Inhabitants can find an addiction recovery program that includes cutting-edge strategies that are trauma-informed in Minneapolis.

Why Therapists Should Be Trained in Important Trauma-Informed Strategies

Often, mental health counselors and therapists working with addicted individuals discover that the person has undergone some sort of difficult trauma in their lifetime. This could be due to bullying in school, parental abuse or neglect, rape, life-threatening accidents and a long list of other causes. The client may have come into a therapy program seeking addiction recovery, marriage counseling or help with managing the stresses of work or parenting, but the underlying traumas could hamper their efforts if they’re not addressed as well.

New Mental Health Method That Gives Renewed Hope for Real Healing

The advantages of utilizing mental health therapy that includes this new therapy method cannot be overstated. More individuals who are struggling with addiction were surprised by their level of healing that began when therapists actually addressed the hidden issues. Contact therapists designated as trauma-informed at the Minneapolis-based River Ridge Mental Health Services at RiverRidgeMN.com

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