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Why Having a Retinal Exam in Iowa City Matters

The time has come to have the eyes checked, and the eye professional offers a retinal exam along with the traditional approach. While some people would consider having both exams to be redundant, the fact is that choosing to undergo both approaches makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the reasons why adding a Retinal Exam in Iowa City to the mix makes a lot of sense.

Evaluating the Images

With the traditional exam, the professional dilates the pupils and then conducts a visual exam of the eyes. This is an excellent approach for making a general assessment of the condition of the eyes. Adding a Retinal Exam in Iowa City includes taking digital images of the eyes that can be magnified and examined more closely. In the best case scenario, looking at those images will confirm what the professional noticed during the routine exam. If there is some issue that was not detected during the regular exam, finding it by checking the images means that treatment can begin at once.

Spotting Emerging Health Issues

The condition of the eyes can provide evidence that something is not quite right elsewhere in the body. Thanks to the details revealed by the retinal exam, it is possible to determine that there is the possibility of a chronic condition developing. By using the imaging in this manner, it is possible to obtain a referral to a specialist who can run more tests and determine if something like cancer, hypertension, or some other health issue is present. At times, the data uncovered during the exam will have a direct impact on the life span of the patient.

Managing a Chronic Illness

If the patient is already known to have a chronic condition, the exam can determine if it is affecting the condition or general function of the eyes. For example, someone who has type 2 diabetes would benefit from undergoing a retinal exam, since it would determine if diabetic retinopathy has developed. If so, steps can bet taken to help slow the progress and allow the patient to enjoy the best possible health in the years to come.

For anyone who would like to include a retinal exam as part of their next eye examination, call the team at Fitzgerald & Associates today. Doing so could mean all the difference in the degree of visual acuity in the years to come.

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