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Why Eating Organic Food Is Better For You?

Organic food has become popular because it offers a variety of health benefits. There are no modifications to the soil or seeds, so they’re considered safer to consume than traditional foods. Likewise, chemicals cannot be used to prevent bugs and other problems, which is why some people believe, correctly, that organic is the best choice when possible. Likewise, petroleum-based fertilisers and bioengineering aren’t allowed, nor is antibiotics and hormones.


Primarily, organic foods have nutrients and antioxidants that will help promote immune health and keep you safe from certain illnesses. Likewise, they work well for people who are allergic to preservatives and chemicals because those products aren’t allowed. You may also notice that the fruits and vegetables taste better because herbicides and insecticides aren’t sprayed on them and allowed to penetrate.


Because preservatives aren’t allowed, you’ll notice fresher food. Likewise, you won’t find any genetically modified organisms in the food. This means that the plant’s DNA hasn’t been altered and no cross-breeding has been done. Primarily, GMO food is designed to be more resistant to herbicides, so they aren’t needed on farms where organic food is grown.

Likewise, farms that hold true to the organic practices may decrease their pollution and conserve more water. This is helpful to the environment and may mean you don’t spend as much for organically-grown food as you did in the past.

Why You Should Drink Your Food

Primarily, the debate rages on about whether or not you should drink your veggies and fruits. At Shirlyns Natural Foods. you will find many available juice options that are delicious and made from organically grown produce. You can be assured that your juice has no hormones and insecticides with them, making for a delicious treat or meal.

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