Why Do Companies Employ Drug Testing in Anderson, OH?

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Health


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A wide variety of businesses use Drug Testing in Anderson OH. Their reasons for requiring drug tests for employees are equally varied, but typically come down to three things: protecting employees, protecting customers, and protecting the company.

Protecting Employees

If an employee is showing up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can pose a danger to co-workers as well as themselves. Simply asking potential or existing employees whether or not they use recreational drugs will not necessarily get truthful answers, which is why medically administered drug tests can be helpful during the screening process. Employers shouldn’t allow the safety of their workplaces to be compromised by substance abuse.

Protect Customers

Should a customer come under attack or be otherwise threatened by an employee’s behavior due to his or her use of illicit substances, it can be disastrous for all parties involved. Even if an employee does not become physically abusive, he or she will be much less able to competently perform work-related tasks while under the influence. In cases where these tasks being done wrong may jeopardize the health or safety of customers and clients, it’s not worth the risk.

Protect the Company

Drug users are more likely to injure themselves and others. This can, in extreme circumstances, leave companies open to lawsuits. Even when no workplace injuries occur, the cost of providing health care for an individual with substance abuse problems is significantly higher than it would be for the average employee. While costs are higher for providing care to those using illicit drugs and abusing alcohol, productivity in the workplace is typically lower. This combination can be extremely detrimental to the company’s bottom-line.

Protect the Employee Being Tested

Finally, the benefits of drug testing as a deterrent to use should not be ignored. Using Drug Testing in Anderson OH to screen all new applicants can discourage those looking for a job from engaging in these self-destructive habits. In current employees it can uncover dependency issues and personal accountability. If an employee faces up to the fact that he or she has a problem, it’s more likely that professional help will be sought out. Eastside Urgent Care offers standard drug testing as part of its occupational medicine program. Company owners and managers can learn more online today.

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