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Why Children Should Get Annual Eye Exams

There are several reasons that you should take your child to an eye care center Jacksonville FL on a yearly basis. All children need to get an annual eye exam because many parents will not know if their child has a vision problem until they take them to get an eye exam.

Detect Small Changes

Vision problems often develop slowly. That is why parents often miss the subtle signs that indicate that their child has a vision problem, such as eye fatigue and headaches. Eye fatigue and headaches are common signs of a problem. If your child already wears glasses, then an annual exam can determine whether they need a prescription.

Help Children Succeed in School

Eighty percent of the things that children learn inside and outside of the classroom require good vision. If your child cannot see properly, then they probably will not succeed in the classroom. Annual exams will not only help your child succeed in the classroom, but they will also help your child succeed in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Vision Screenings are not a Subtitution for Eye Exams

Most schools will give children regular vision screenings. However, a vision screening is not a substitution for an eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam can detect the problems that a vision screening can miss.

Detect Other Health Problems

An eye exam will not only detect vision problems, but they can also detect other health problems. It is extremely rare for children to have conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. However, if a child does have those conditions, then they can cause serious complications if they are not detected early.

Eye doctors can tell a lot about one’s overall health by looking at the retina, which is the back of the eye.

If you are in need of an eye care center Jacksonville FL, then you will need to contact Eye Specialists.

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