Who is a Candidate for an Acupuncture Treatment in Marin, CA?

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Health


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Most people have heard of acupuncture but don’t know what this type of treatment can do to improve health. The range of issues that can be treated using this method is much broader than many people realize. Here are some examples of situations that call for considering an Acupuncture Treatment in Marin CA.

Trouble Sleeping

The idea behind acupuncture is that there is a constant flow of energy throughout the body. When something interferes with the energy flow, the acupuncture needles help to remove the blockage. Doing so restores balance to the body and promotes natural healing.

For someone who has difficulty sleeping and hates the idea of taking prescription sedatives, undergoing an Acupuncture Treatment in Marin CA, may be all it takes to get to sleep again. Using the needles at key meridians restores proper balance and promotes the release of the neurotransmitters needed to achieve recuperative sleep. Some people report better sleep the night after they have their first treatment.

Recovery from Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders can trigger a number of mental issues, ranging from a racing mind to feeling as if death is imminent. When left unchecked, anxiety can make the world a small place as the sufferer begins to avoid places where panic attacks take place.

Many people find that using acupuncture in conjunction with counseling and dietary changes helps to restore a proper balance to the body and the mind. As a result, the attacks weaken and become less frequent. Eventually, they will go away altogether.

Fertility Issues

When a couple is having trouble conceiving, seeking a professional for acupuncture treatments can help. The approach can restore proper energy flow and increase the potential to have the child that the couple always wanted. There are people who have tried this approach when other methods failed to yield any results and were soon choosing cradles for a nursery.

For anyone who wonders what acupuncture could do for them, contact the team at Balance Restored today and schedule an appointment. After the initial examination and discussing treatment options, the first session can take place. In many cases, that first treatment will provide a measure of relief and serve as a sample of the goods things that will come out of having more sessions.

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