When to See Ankle Surgeons in Racine, WI

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Health Care


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The feet and ankles undergo a great deal of stress every day. They are responsible for supporting the entire weight of a person’s body and are at risk of injury during the course of everyday activities. Due to the stress they undergo, a person may find they’ve twisted an ankle, sprained it, or even fractured or broken it completely. Not only are the bones vulnerable, but the numerous tendons and ligaments found in this part of the body are at risk. The problem may be severe enough that the person needs to see ankle surgeons in Racine WI. When might this occur?

Why Ankle Surgery May Be Needed

Anytime someone has pain in the foot, ankle or heel, they may need surgery. There is no way of knowing for sure without seeing a doctor. However, anytime someone experiences pain in this area when they move, are very active, or when the pain is making them limp, it is time to be seen.

Bone spurs, hammertoes, and bunions often require surgical treatment and the same is true of a neuroma, a condition that often affects the nerve between the third and fourth toes. Any warmth, redness, or swelling in the area may be a sign that surgery is needed, and if a person finds that the pain and swelling increases after they sit, rest, or first get up in the morning, they need to seek treatment immediately.

The Benefits of Undergoing Ankle Surgery

Once a person undergoes the surgery, they’ll be able to move freely again without pain and their quality of life improves as a result. Any deformities in the foot and ankle are corrected and the stability of the gait improves. Furthermore, they’ll be able to return to certain activities they enjoyed in the past but had to give up due to the foot and ankle issues.

Schedule an appointment with Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI. They can be of great help in determining whether surgery is the right treatment for the symptoms being experienced. If the feet or ankles hurt, it is a sign something is wrong. Ignoring the problem may lead to additional damage, so it is best to make the appointment promptly. By doing so, a person can eliminate the symptoms they are experiencing and get some much-needed pain relief. Make this call today.

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