What to Expect When You Make the Decision for Nose Surgery in Lisle

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Cosmetic Surgery


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There are several reasons why you might have surgery on your nose, including injuries and cosmetics. The following are a few details to keep in mind about the procedure as well as the recovery process:

Making the decision

Whether you want a bump taken off your nose, you want to straighten the bridge of your nose, or you need to have surgery due to health reasons, you want to make sure the decision is one that’s made with careful planning. When you’re considering nose surgery in Lisle, IL, you want to search for a surgeon who is experienced and who is certified. Consider a consultation appointment with a few doctors to determine who can best meet your needs. Make sure you ask questions and get details about what to expect during recovery.


Once you’ve made the decision to have nose surgery in Lisle, IL, you’ll go to an outpatient center or hospital where you’ll be given medications to help you relax. You’ll then be taken to the operating room, where you’ll be put to sleep. Small incisions are made on the area of your nose that is impacted. Most of the time, the surgeon can go through the inside of your nose so that you don’t have a large scar.


You’ll likely wear a splint for a couple weeks after surgery to keep your nose in place. You could have some swelling and bruising during the first few weeks as well. There could be some swelling under the eyes and along the cheekbones.

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