What To Expect From Senior Care Assistance In Newnan, GA

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Health Care Service


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In Georgia, senior care assistance is available for individuals who have a terminal condition. The services are provided if the patient has six months or less to live. The opportunity helps patients make choices about their end-of-life care and assist their families. A local service provider offers Senior Care Assistance in Newnan GA for all terminal seniors.

Staying at Home

Terminal patients remain at home during their final days instead of a hospital or nursing home. Home care provides the individual with dignity and prevents any embarrassing moments that could occur in a medical facility. The patient’s wishes are followed, and caregivers offer companionship and support.

A Full Team of Medical Professionals

The service provider offers the seniors a full team of medical professionals that attend to the patient’s needs. Doctors and nurses visit the home to assess the progression of the patient’s condition. Medical services are performed at home to provide the patient with full privacy. Doctors prescribe medications to keep the patient comfortable at all times, and nurses keep a watchful eye on the patient.

Reducing the Burden on Families

Hospice services reduce the burden on families. The services include removal of the patient’s body from the home when he or she passes away. The patient’s body is delivered to the funeral home of the family’s choice. Hospice services are contacted after the loved one dies, and the service provider follows the exact directions of the family.

Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance

Hospice service also includes counseling and guidance for the family. The service provider offers emotional and grief support for the family. Details about funeral arrangements and the next steps for families who haven’t experienced a loss previously. The counselors help families transition through the grieving process and connect the family with mental health professionals if the need arises.

In Georgia, senior care assistance includes hospice services for terminal patients. The services help families transition through to the end of a loved one’s life. The service providers offer a full medical team for the patient to assist their family. Seniors or families that need Senior Care Assistance in Newnan GA are encouraged to contact Sacred Journey Hospice or Visit website right now.

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