What Should Patients Understand About Getting Hair Restoration in CT

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Hair Restoration


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Hair Restoration CT

Do you need help with hair restoration in CT? Today, the follicular unit transplantation procedure is the most popular method to restore hair. If you are balding or your hair is thinning, this is the gold standard.

On the back and sides of the head, there is an abundance of follicles. These follicles can be removed painlessly and re-implanted on the thin or bald areas of the hairline. Healing takes a few days after they have moved, so give it a while. After a few months, new hairs will grow out of the transplanted follicles. Thousands of grafts can move in a single visit, providing a significant cosmetic jump.

Professional Consulation

A FUT transplant is a serious procedure and entails major risks. Therefore, it is not something your barber can help you with. The first step to a new head of hair is to consult with the medical team. They will review your hair loss level and future hair loss likelihood and show you some options.

Preparation Prior to the Transplant

For ten days before the procedure, patients must be careful about what they eat or drink and what they do. Taking alcohol or medications can disrupt blood-clotting enzymes, making surgery impossible.

The Day of the Procedure

Even though it can be hard to sleep, patients are instructed to get a good night’s rest. The doctors suggest wearing comfortable clothes that can be thrown away afterward. Since they use antiseptic sprays while working, it could stain and ruin any clothing worn that day.

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