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What Is Offered Through Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH?

It is a given that people will get sick or get hurt at work. When that happens, a couple of things fall into place: workers’ compensation is usually activated, and the injured worker usually will go see a doctor who is qualified in occupational medicine. This is a field that many do not know about, and sometimes they confuse occupational medicine with occupational therapy. There is a clinic that offers Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, and these are some of the things a specialist in occupational medicine offers.

The goal of doctors who practice occupational medicine is to promote a healthy workplace through maintaining the health of employees. The focus is to prevent or manage those illnesses, disabilities, and injuries that occur because of the workplace. This means an occupational medical physician must have knowledge of occupational illnesses that occur. He or she must be familiar with laws and regulations regarding the workplace and safety. He or she should have a knowledge base of the hazards and toxic substances associated with various workplaces. Finally, the occupational physician should be able to evaluate a worker’s ability and fitness for work.

Many companies seek out and send their employees to the doctors and clinics that focus on occupational medicine. It is a collaborative effort to help the keep the cost of insurance down as well as keep employees healthy and safe at work. In fact, even though a worker may go to his or her personal physician before he or she can return to work, the company insists that the employee sees the occupational medical physician that they have retained.

If you are in the Cincinnati area and are looking for an occupational physician, Eastside Urgent Care offers those types of doctors. The doctors there will treat workers compensation injuries and illnesses, pre-employment services, and a wide range of other medical services. They also provide physicals and drug screenings for D.O.T. as well as non-D.O.T. needs. Employees of a given company are assured of getting excellent occupational medical treatment. If interested in finding out more about getting Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, visit the website, or simply Click here.

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