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What Is a Nerve Conduction Test and What It Can Do for You in Orlando

If you have been in an automobile accident or sustained an on-the-job injury, you might be a candidate for Nerve Conduction Testing in Orlando. This test can help identify carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when a person makes repetitive motions all day long, and herniated disk disease. This disorder is a painful condition that is caused by pressure around the spinal nerve.

The Test

Nerve Conduction Testing in Orlando Is a medical process that stimulates nerve endings. A doctor must order the test. During the procedure, electro-laden patches are strategically stuck on the skin over the questioning nerves. A technician or doctor will activate the electrodes. The tech or physician will send a small electrical charge to the first patch, and the second one will record how long it takes to receive the impulse. This time frame captures the muscle’s electrical current, which can note the extent of the damage or disease.


To prepare for a nerve conduction test, you will want to keep your core temperature steady and regular because a lower temperature can artificially reduce the timing between the electrodes. You can maintain inadequate body temperature by taking a warm shower before the procedure and wearing appropriate outerwear.

If your legs are getting tested, you might be asked to wear shorts, or the office might provide you with a disposable pair at the appointment. Do not put on any lotion before the procedure, and let the physician know what medications you are on. Typically, most people can take their prescriptions as normal. For more information about Nerve Conduction Testing in Orlando and how this procedure can help you after an accident, contact MD Diagnostic Specialists at .

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