What Exactly Can a Patient Expect From a Podiatric Surgeon in Racine, WI?

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Health


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Podiatry is the medical discipline concerned with diagnosing and treating disorders of the feet and ankles. While many such disorders respond to non-surgical treatments, some do not. Such patients will need surgery.

What Kinds of Treatment Does a Podiatrist Provide?

Treatment will depend on the condition and its severity. After diagnosing the problem, the doctor will usually start with a non-surgical treatment like injections or orthotics. If those don’t work, the patient may need a podiatric surgeon in Racine, WI.

What Is Hallux Limitus?

Hallux limitus is a condition in which the big toe becomes abnormally stiff. If left untreated, it can become a type of degenerative arthritis called hallux rigidus. A patient with hallux limitus may develop inflammation and swelling around the big toe, and it will be painful and stiff when they stand or walk, especially in damp and cold weather. While the doctor will often recommend non-surgical treatments like orthotics or injections, some patients will need surgery.

What Is a Neuroma?

A neuroma, which is sometimes called a “pinched nerve,” is actually a benign tumor growing on a nerve. It is most commonly found between the fourth and third toes. The most common symptom is pain between the toes when the patient walks. Many patients describe a neuroma as feeling like they have a stone in their shoe. If non-surgical treatments don’t work, the podiatrist will surgically remove the affected nerve.

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