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What are the Benefits of Using an Open MRI Services?

Lots of patients get the chill when they are told they need to get an MRI. The feeling is understandable; spending minutes in an enclosed tube measuring 60 cm wide is not a joy ride. To give patients a lot of ease and comfort during imaging, a lot of imaging centers have opted for open MRI systems. These open MRIs come with many benefits, and below are a few.

Increased Patient Comfort

Lots of people experience claustrophobia for the first time when they go for an MRI scan. Most of the time, oversized patients cannot fit inside a closed MRI bore. Since the introduction of open MRIs, things have gotten much easier. The open MRI centers are receiving more patients for imaging. And the patients are also able to relax as they can look around the exam room, watch TV and be near family members

Perfect Imaging

Open MRIs have sufficient magnetic response imaging, which suits lots f imaging. It can handle chest exams, head exams, circulatory system exams, heart exams, and abdominal exams. It also offers more options depending on the patient’s positioning. The patients are always calmer, making the scans easy and giving perfect images that expose even the deep tissues.

The MRI technology continues to grow, and the open MRI is just the tip of the iceberg. Even the closed MRIs are being upgraded to accommodate patient comfortability. On the other hand, the open MRI continues to grow and get stronger each year. Whether it is open MRI or closed MRI, you will be able to judge the best one with experience.

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