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What are Some of the Benefits of Investing in a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh, PA?

Navigating the stairs is not as easy as it was in years past. Owing to an injury or generally declining health, walking up and down the stairs takes a lot of effort. One way to deal with the situation is to purchase and install a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA complete with a comfortable seat. Here are some of the advantages that come with this solution.

Moving About the Home Freely

While mobility has been impaired in some manner, it’s still relatively easy to move from room to room on the same floor. What’s hard is getting to and from the second story without a lot of difficulty. The right Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA will put an end to that. Since the system is installed along the wall adjacent to the stairs, it’s possible to strap into a comfortable seat and use the controls to move between the floors with ease. Many designs make it possible to haul along things like baskets of folded laundry. Think of how nice it would be to settle into a comfortable life chair, place the basket on the lap, and glide up the stairs to put away the clean clothing.

Avoiding the Risk of Falling

Even when the patient is able to get around with a walker, using the device on the stairs is not the safest strategy. It’s all to easy to lose balance and take a tumble. The result can be sprained joints or even broken bones. Thanks to the lift chair attached to the climber, there’s no need to take risks.

Being Able to Remain in the Home

Limited mobility sometimes mean having to give up the family home for living spaces that are easier to navigate. Since the idea of giving up a house with so many memories is unthinkable, why not invest in equipment that makes it possible to go wherever the owner wants to go? The right stair lifting equipment will make it possible to remain in the home for many more years.

Don’t allow a change in mobility to interfere with moving around the home with ease. Visit McArdle Surgical today and learn more about the devices that can make it easier to go to every area of the place. Doing so will make it easier to adjust to the change and still enjoy the home to the fullest.

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