Weight Loss Clinics in New Albany, IN Help Patients Achieve Their Goals

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Weight Loss


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Weight loss is deceptively simple, with many thinking all it takes is eating less and moving more. However, for many, there’s more to the equation. It can be tough to break bad habits that prevent permanent change, but the tips below can help patients at Weight Loss Clinics in New Albany IN, get on track and stay there. Patients can browse the website to learn several tricks for attaining permanent weight loss.

Know Thyself

For weight loss to be permanent, the patient needs to understand their motivation. If a person can’t come up with a meaningful reason to lose weight, the struggle will be almost impossible. It may help to write down various reasons for weight loss and to periodically review those reasons, adding more as they come up. When there are three good reasons on the list, and those reasons are important, it’s time to begin.

Get Motivated

Once a person identifies the right reasons to lose weight, they should hang onto those reasons. Visual cues are a great help. These can include pictures of one’s ideal body or a dress that just doesn’t fit right. When one feels their motivation flagging, they can revisit these visual cues and ask themselves if giving up will help them achieve their long-term goals.

Practice Self-Coaching

Most people are their own worst enemies. Despite making efforts for positive changes, many people subtly derail their own best efforts. Negative thoughts are a weight-loss killer, and patients can benefit greatly by removing the word “hope” from their vocabulary as it indicates that certain elements are uncontrollable.

Retrain the Mind

Some patients at Weight Loss Clinics in New Albany IN, fare better when they put exercise and healthy eating in a perspective similar to the rest of life. Many think of a healthy lifestyle as something to accomplish when “there’s time,” but it should be a priority.

Be a Little Selfish

Many people give their best to their families, jobs, and friends but never take time for themselves. Use weight loss with InShapeMD as a chance to be a bit selfish, and remember that the goal is to be healthier. If a person doesn’t see quick changes in their body or in the numbers on the scale, they should be patient. Weight loss occurs when a person commits themselves to their goals, and permanent losses happen when that commitment remains.

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