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Veterinary Services in Richmond, TX Support Stronger Owner and Pet Bonds

According to the findings of a recent survey, research indicates that owners who learn how pets improve human health are more motivated to seek out veterinary services in Richmond, TX and other areas. In fact, when around 2,000 pet owners were shown the benefits to human health of having a pet, they said that the knowledge gave them a different view of pet care. As a result, they said they were more likely to see vets for preventive interventions and regular vaccinations for their pets.

Survey Results and Statistics

Participants added that the information gives them more of an incentive to provide their dogs or cats with better nutrition as well. More than half of the survey respondents also indicated that they were more likely to buy pet health insurance to take care of the costs of veterinary services. Another 62% said that they would be less likely to skip veterinarian visits.

Pet Owners Are Both Happier and Healthier

Specialists at the Busines Name expressed that the results of the survey are findings that are well worth noting. Scientific information shows that pets can alleviate depression, decrease stress, or improve heart health. Specific health conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can even be improved when a person owns a pet.

If Your Pet Is Healthier, You Will Be Healthier Too

According to the survey results, the veterinary services offered by vets are seen as important offerings with respect to health care and scientific knowledge. Researchers said that 66% of the surveyed pet owners stated that they would visit their vet even more frequently if they were educated further about the bond between humans and pets. Indeed, the scientific findings represent important news about the specials associated with the human-pet bond. Therefore, to boost your own health, it is also essential that you make sure that your pet is healthy and happy too.

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