Utilize a Safe and Effective Procedure to Provide Fat Transfer in Your Body

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Surgery


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If you’ve ever looked at your body and wished you could transfer fat from your stomach or hips to other regions of your body, you may want to consider utilizing a procedure that provides fat transfer in Chicago Loop. Technology and advancements have made it possible for a specialist to harvest fat from specific areas of your body and utilize safe procedures and techniques to make areas like your facial cheeks or buttocks look fuller and more appealing.

What Does a Fat Transfer Procedure Provide?

If you are a candidate for a fat transfer procedure, a specialist will remove unwanted fat from an area on your body by using liposuction. This fat will then be used to add volume to another area of your body, which doesn’t have the amount of fullness you’d like. During this type of procedure, fat cells are usually removed from your stomach, thighs or hips. After adding them back into your body in an area such as your buttocks, it will create the appearance of fullness, which is commonly desired.

Reduces the Possibility of an Allergic Reaction

One the benefits of receiving a procedure that provides fat transfer in Chicago Loop is that it reduces the possibility of you receiving an allergic reaction after the fat has been transferred from one area to another. When you’re using biological material from your own body, it reduces the need for foreign substances, which can cause allergic reactions.

Replace Fat Volume Naturally

When you can replace fat volume naturally, it’s going to be easier on your body and help produce excellent results. This procedure is effective, safe and a great way to utilize a natural substance from your body to fill in wrinkles or areas on your hands, cheeks and buttocks. If you are interested in speaking with a professional about this procedure, be sure to visit Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery.

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