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Undergoing Nerve Conduction Testing in Orlando after Being in an Accident

In the first few minutes after an accident, you can feel totally normal and not in any pain. However, after the Adrenalin and shock wear off, you start to become aware of damages inflicted on your body.

When you need medical attention and also plan on taking action against the party that caused the accident, you have to first find out how extensive this damage is. You can start by undergoing prompt nerve conduction testing in Orlando.

Determining the Extent of the Damages

The testing will reveal quickly how extensive your damages are and in what locations they are found in your body. The provider will test your extremities like your fingers, toes and bottoms of your feet. He or she will also test your knees, thighs, elbows, shoulders and parts of your back to find out if you have sensation of any kind on these areas.

Taking Legal Action

After the damage extent is known, you can then take the right kind of legal action against the responsible party. Your legal team can file for medical and punitive damages. You also have clear proof of the injuries that the person or people inflicted on you.

You do not have to make an appointment for yourself to undergo this procedure. Your attorney or primary care doctor can refer you. However, to get more information about nerve conduction testing in Orlando or schedule a consultation now, you can contact

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