Treat Hearing Loss at a Hearing Care Service in Lancaster PA

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Health


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Not being able to hear correctly can throw you off completely. You might find yourself constantly snapping your fingers around the ear that’s experiencing hearing loss. You may find that you experience vertigo or that you feel more paranoid when walking because you can’t hear out of one side. You shouldn’t assume that your hearing loss is due to age or your environment, however, there may be an underlying cause for the issue. The only way to be sure is to visit a hearing care service in Lancaster, PA.

One of the first things that a doctor will do at a hearing care service in Lancaster, PA is look inside your ears, nose and throat. They are looking to see if there’s a visible cause for your loss of hearing. You may have a perforated ear drum, or an infection, that is causing the issue. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of prescribing the right medicine to get your hearing on track again.

If there’s no visible reason for your loss, they will move to a hearing test. The hearing test will help to determine the extent of your hearing loss, what decibels you’ve lost as well as the part of the ear that’s not functioning correctly. These tests are extensive and require you to be in a sound proof room while a series of sounds are sent to your ears while you say left or right in terms of which ear you hear the sound in. They will also have you repeat phrases that you hear as well.

Sometimes a reason for your hearing loss can’t be established, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated. In a lot of cases, a hearing aid is recommended to improve the quality of your hearing. Hearing aids are very expensive, but don’t try to skimp out by going online and buying an As Seen on TV hearing aid. The truth is that different hearing aids are created to target specific types of hearing loss, such as nerve damage versus general loss. Having the right hearing aid will determine how well you hear after you start using it.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, an earache, sore throat or sinus pain, you can have all of this looked at by the same specialist. Visit  and see what services they have available for you.

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