Tips For Choosing a Prosthetic Foot in Columbus, OH

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Healthcare


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There is a common misconception that patients who require the use of prosthetic limbs cannot engage in the same physical activities as everyone else. Often this is not the case. Those who live particularly active lifestyles and enjoy physical activities like running and biking should, however, consider how these forms of high and low impact exercise will affect their Prosthetic Foot in Columbus OH and choose a prosthesis accordingly.

For example: recreational cyclists can probably get by with the same prosthesis used for walking. But a competitive road biker will want a stiffer connection to ensure that all of the energy being applied to the pedals is getting there. Often walking prostheses use a more flexible design, which is helpful for its intended use but can pose problems to serious cyclists.

Runners have different needs when choosing a Prosthetic Foot in Columbus OH. These needs also change based on whether their emphasis is on sprinting or distance running. Although certain aspects of normal prosthetic designs, such as their flexibility, are ideal for running as well as walking, the way runners place their feet in relation to each other and the rest of the body is different. This means that the angle and alignment of the prosthetic must be slightly different in order to prevent dangerous trips and falls. The amount of energy transferred to the rest of the body is also a concern; a prosthetic that is too rigid will not be ideal for such a high impact activity, but one that is too flexible will absorb too much energy.

For patients interested in returning to competitive sports it’s important to consult with a doctor or other specialist about the different characteristics of individual prosthetic limbs. A patient’s doctor can also help him or her to determine what level of activity is most appropriate given their physical condition and state of rehabilitation. Companies like Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc create prostheses for patients that are specifically designed to fit their unique needs. It can be helpful to order different prostheses for different purposes from the same company, as it can ensure consistency of quality.

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