Three Safety Features to Consider When Buying a Walk-In Bathtub

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Medical Supply Store


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If you’re looking into getting a grab bar in Los Angeles, CA, you’re probably looking for the types of features that you can use when installing a walk-in tub Or shower. As you age, it can sometimes become more difficult to safely take baths and showers. A huge majority of accidents in the home happen in the bathroom when people follow their tubs or showers. A grab bar can make all the difference in making the bathroom a safer, Comer, is a more enjoyable space. Following are some safety features that you should look at when installing your walk-in tub or shower.

Anti-Slip Flooring

One of the most key features of a walk-in bathtub should be and an anti-slip floor. Slips and falls in bathtubs I want of the biggest causes of injuries and deaths. By purchasing a bathtub with a non-slip surface, you’re less likely to fall. Adding a non-slip bathtub mat can help as well.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are some of the most important elements that you can add to a walk-in bathtub. Grabar makes it easier for the be there to hold on to something as they watch, helping prevent them from falling. At least to grab bars in a walk-in tub. Wild grab bars are often optional, it’s generally recommended that you get them anyway. Every single extra bit of safety helps.

Anti-Scald Valve

With an anti-scald valve, you’re protected from sudden pressure changes in your hot and cold-water lines that could result in a sudden blast of extra-hot or extra-cold water. A sudden jump in temperature could cause people to leap backward, making them fall. For this reason, the anti-scald valve should be a must-have safety feature.

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